Critical Ops – Now In Open Alpha on Android

Remember that eSports potential, Critical Ops, that you all got excited about? Critical Force Entertainment has just announced that it is now officially in Open Alpha on Android! In fact, you can be a part of testing the game by clicking here to sign up. It is important to keep in mind that the game is not properly optimized for mobile devices yet, so if you experience any FPS drops, crashes, or any kind of problem that may come about; please do not judge the game based on that. The game is under development still and this is a work in progress. The developers merely want you to be a part of the testing process so that you can give them feedback on what to and what not to change.

Also, great news from the developers; you are allowed to record and upload video gameplays about Critical Ops. As for iOS players, we know you are reading patiently, waiting to see something about iOS. According to the developers, you have not been forgotten but due to their small team size; they ask kindly that you be patient with them until further notice. Stay tuned with our website for more information on this game, and click here to read our detailed article about this competitive title. You can watch the Alpha trailer for this game below.

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