Wrinkle – Out Now

Probably one of the smartest publishers yet, Appsolute Games managed to hit 5 million app downloads in less than 6 months. Their tactic was to publish a new app every week if possible. Due to their ambitious vision, we were impressed and wanted to bring to your attention a promising new app that is out now, Wrinkle [Free].

This game is an impossible platformer where you take control of a crumpled paper that is escaping its trash can to venture through a strange world where anything colourful is the enemy. Black and white environments are your safe zones from the terrible world of colour; which makes the game an interesting experience to try out. What makes it even more appealing is that the world of Wrinkle is hand-drawn; full of environments that can be crossed by air, land, or sea. There are 18 unique levels in the game, as well as an endless mode to keep you occupied.

The game will be Free-to-play but you can pay money in-game to remove advertisements if you like. The game is now available worldwide for any impossible platformer fan. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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