Jetpack Joyride: Back to the Future Update (1.8.8) – Out Now

Halfbrick Studios, the company behind Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash, has a tradition of incorporating film elements into their games. If you recall, they had a Fruit Ninja built in the Puss in Boots theme to promote the 2011 animated film. Earlier this year, they introduced an update to Monster Dash with the Ghostbusters film theme. And now, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future franchise, Halfbrick Studios has done what it does best; bringing a Back to the Future update to Jetpack Joyride [Free].

Jetpack Joyride is a fun side-scrolling endless runner that allows you to command experimental jetpacks created by evil scientists. The game was originally released on iOS back in 2011 and has been ported and supported throughout the years. Just recently, the game received a massive update called ”Back to the Future” which is not only very fun, but comes with a humorous trailer that you must watch. With the new update comes: A New Mode, New Costumes, New Background, Delorean Time Machine, Hoverboard, and an Amped Up Jetpack.

Most of the update elements are from Back to the Future II film. Now the game has a new special event that, unlike the normal mode, is timed with each run and prevents instant death by decreasing from the time available. This includes two unique vehicles that you can use, such as the Delorean time machine and the Hoverboard. If you can speed up to 88mph with the Delorean time machine vehicle it will teleport you further ahead. In the film, Marty and the Doc time travelled to the year 2015 where it was the year of hoverboards, so now that we are in 2015 you have to definitely try it out!

We mentioned that there were new costumes included. You have to collect Flux Capacitors by playing Back to the Future mode; this will allow you to unlock the Marty, Doc Brown, and Biff costumes. Additionally, the new mode has a new background of the 2015 Hill Valley with memorable landmarks such as Courthouse Clock Tower and others.

Finally, this new update definitely adds a whole lot more fun, especially to the fans of the classic Back to the Future franchise. You can purchase the Back to the Future Bundle for $9.99 to unlock all the great additions or simply play to unlock. You can check the fun trailer for Back to the Future update below.

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