The Celebrity Effect – Why Mobile Gaming Will Prevail


Mobile Gaming is here to stay. Let these words be in the mind of every skeptic that still believes in the failure of the mobile gaming industry. When mobile gaming was born, it was frail and fragile, like any new industry in our modern times. Untested in its vast possibilities, big companies hesitated to enter this industry at first, and it was the indie developers that enriched the mobile app stores with the games that caught our attention. Then again, we should not forget visionary companies like Gameloft and Chair Entertainment, that could’ve invested all their resources into console gaming but chose to drive mobile gaming forward.

Of course, there are other few companies that could have strayed from the mobile path yet chose to walk our path. Many parties deserve credit for what this industry has come to be: mobile gamers, mobile developers, mobile reviewers, mobile enthusiasts, and the larger phone and tablet companies. The industry today is still growing and is considered a developing industry; an unknown path but a hopeful one which many have placed their faith in. We at DN Reviews are in the same boat like all of you, hoping for the best in this fascinating journey that is mobile gaming.

Considering how insignificant mobile gaming was before a few years, it is a dramatic breakthrough that we now find celebrities advertising for mobile games. At DN Reviews, we believe this is a giant leap for mobile gaming because of the amount of fans each celebrity can reach. Not to forget the credibility that a celebrity advertisement would bring to this industry, the image of strength and success which will foster attraction to the big companies that still doubt this industry.

Just recently, we got news that Nintendo and DeNA are collaborating to bring 5 premium games that will surprise those with the biggest of imaginations. Apple, Google, Nvidia, Acer, and many other high profile companies are now developing devices with mobile gaming in mind. Myriad of excellent games are now making their way to mobile; games that are truly console-like such as Radiation Island, Infinity Blade 3, Shadowgun: Deadzone, Unkilled, Need for Speed: No Limits, and countless more. These are big companies choosing to promote the mobile industry with all their resources, which is absolutely exciting.

Now, we see prominent celebrities advertising for mobile games. Not very long ago, Liam Neeson made an epic advertisement for Clash of Clans which shocked most of us. Liam Neeson is well known for his Taken movies, highly regarded worldwide. So you can understand why this causes an impact on mobile gaming with such influence and creativity.

But Mr. Neeson was not the only celebrity to advertise for a mobile game. Game of War had commercials with Kate Upton and Mariah Carey in them. If such names don’t put the eyes of the world on mobile gaming, then what on God’s green earth will? Very recently, Rovio Entertainment has teamed up with Shakira, one of the most well known singers of all time, to participate in an Angry Birds advertisement. Additionally, she’s featured in the Angry Birds POP as Shakira Bird.

With the involvement of prominent celebrities, we believe that mobile gaming will start to take a substantial rise as an industry and as a mobile gaming platform. More skeptic companies will start to invest in an industry that is undoubted in its success, and creative minds will risk their alternative goals to develop a mobile game. A position of authority has been proven to be of great influence to the people at large, an aspect greatly discussed in the Psychology of Power. So with the inclusion of celebrities on the mobile stage, this industry is in good hands.

Finally, we are very happy as a mobile gaming network as to where mobile gaming is heading. We will continue to support mobile gaming and its beautiful people that we have come to interact with. The developers will always have our backing and we will use our resources to push mobile gaming another step farther every time. Expect more celebrities to take part in mobile gaming advertisements; the mobile gaming of today has far grown the mobile gaming of yesterday. You can watch celebrities in mobile gaming advertisements below.

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