City Invaders: Zombies in the Real World – Coming Soon

No tactical zombie game that utilizes real world places has come to our attention until now. Lone Stone Studio decided to take a leap of faith on a new type of experience called City Invaders. This upcoming game is a tactical zombie apocalyptic game with MMORPG elements where survival is the key of the game. Using real world places, you get to clear locations from zombie hordes and claim them as your own.

The interesting thing is that you get to invade any real location, such as a Starbucks shop on a specific street where your friend is currently drinking coffee in. He immediately gets informed that you are invading his place and he chooses either to fight or decline.

You begin the game by either choosing to join the red team or the blue team. When you invade a place, each of you and your opponent will be on the opposite side of the map. You have to clear the rooms by eliminating the zombies in order to get to each other, and you may lose some of your soldiers in the process. When both of you reach each other you fight until one of you is eliminated.

The winner claims the new place to belong to his team, and the colour of the place on the map changes to the team’s colour. Essentially, claiming the city for your team is about capturing as much resources necessary to survive the zombie apocalypse. You can customize your survivors with weapons, helmets, armours and boots. Additionally, you are able to upgrade your places to produce more resources.

Finally, the game is going to be released as a free game for iOS and Android. Currently, there is no release date since its in development, but it looks like a very fun game to play. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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