The Sigma Theory: A Machiavellian Thriller – Coming Soon

Having heard of today’s title a long time ago, we thought we should wait until it was confirmed that it will make its way to mobile devices. And in the process, we researched a lot about the game to give you the most detailed article a gaming website can provide. From Mi-Clos, the makers of the award winning sci-fi thriller, Out There, comes a turn-based strategy game with a most enthralling plot. With elements from the spy and diplomacy genres; The Sigma Theory takes the thrill even further with its story. This title was initially designed for PC, Mac, & Linux; and later approved for iOS & Android.

This upcoming game takes place in a future time where mankind makes the greatest scientific discovery of all time, ”The Sigma Theory”. This new technological breakthrough can be utilized by a number of scientists and its power is limitless. In a world where governments are competing in technological discoveries & development, you have been positioned as head of the intelligence agency and your mission is to see that world domination comes to pass. How will you choose to utilize the limitless power of this new discovery that allows you to crash the global financial system, obliterate countries from existence, or even gain access to one of mankind’s greatest enigma, immortality?

This becomes the question that every player will be asking himself. Heading an intelligence agency designed to take over the world is no child’s play; you will have to pick your most promising team members out of 50 talented agents that the game offers and will be responsible in guiding them during operations in real time. In addition, summits with rivals will be held and your Machiavellian side will have to take over; deceiving and betraying your friends and foes to make the best out of your plans.

This is the diplomatic side of the game, but when it comes to the spying side of the game; you will have to organize your intelligence team, send them worldwide to collect information, steal secrets about other governments, and bring more prominent scientists to join your side. Since the game is all about technological advancements, you will deal with 30 game-changing technologies that you will need to employ strategically in order to get closer to your goal.

The whole scenery screams Global Cold War which offers a premium thriller experience; something that the French studio has mastered with Out There. On your screen, the user interface looks very technological and ergonomically designed to offer easy navigation tasks. The UI changes depending on what events are going on, for example, when you have completed your intelligence extraction from a country and plan to escape, the game gives you the option to choose whether you want to run, hide, or attack and depending on your choice you further choose where you want to implement your action. Of course, the best choice is taken based on the information that you already have about your geography, agent, and many other factors.

Ultimately, it’s a game that brings the darkest parts of our souls. You will have to put morality aside and engage in the most deceptive and cruel decisions to bring about world domination. We are definitely looking forward for this dark & dystopian title which is planned to be released in 2016. Mi-Clos Studio has impressed us before and we find no reason to be disappointed by The Sigma Theory. You can watch the trailer for this game below.


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