Minecraft: Pocket Edition – Update 0.13 (Coming Soon)

Not long ago, Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] received one of the biggest updates in its history; adding many features that have changed the game to a more enjoyable experience. Mojang is still working on perfecting the game and there has been news regarding a new update (0.13) that is expected to come to the mobile version. Some of the new features have been confirmed and others are still under speculation.

Update 0.13 will add working redstone circuits, structures that can be built to activate mechanisms. The mechanisms controlled by redstone circuits can be automatic doors, light switches, or as complex as elevators. Additionally, rabbits have been confirmed to be in the next update. Unlike the rabbits in the PC version, these ones are much smaller, will run away when you approach, spawn in forests only, can be killed with one shot using a bow, and will eat your crops.

Furthermore, Developer Tomasso tweeted that the Stonecutter will be removed while the user interface on mobile might undergo some changes. Possibly, Online Authentication will be added which will allow you to log in using a password to prevent hacking and improve online experience. Interestingly, Mojang mentioned that they are working on increasing the world’s height to enable the construction of taller buildings. For music lovers, in-game music is a possible addition and will increase game size by 100MB.

Much of the questions were answered on Mojang’s live stream on Twitch which you can check by clicking here. If you want to stay updated with all the important news regarding Minecraft then stay tuned with DN Reviews.

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