Google’s Pixel C Tablet – The iPad Pro’s Rival?

Google’s answer to Apple’s iPad Pro was their new ”Pixel C Tablet.” There has been a lot of mixed reviews surrounding Google’s Pixel C so we decided to take a look into what this device is really all about. We were not surprised when it was announced in September 29, 2015; because Google needed to release its own device that can compete with Apple’s new tablet which was designed to attract businessmen and students.

Pixel C is the first-ever tablet that is designed and manufactured from scratch entirely by Google; in contrast with previous attempts such as the Nexus. With the Pixel C and its remarkable technical characteristics, Google is not trying to create another tablet but rather a versatile personal computing device comparable to the big boys such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Apple’s iPad Pro, which is probably why it is facing slightly sterner critiques.

A noted drawback of Pixel C is that it does not come with the operating effectiveness of Chrome OS but rather with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow which has a significant disadvantage for business-oriented tasks and applications. However, Google states that app permissions, web experience, and fingerprint support will be much more enhanced therefore at this stage we cannot pre-judge; only time will tell.

Design-wise we have to say that the Pixel C looks very relatively attractive with the smooth silver back and the black front metal look. It also feels very solid when you hold it but also kind of chunkier if you compared it to the iPad Pro or the Surface Pro 3.

Moreover, like iPad Pro and Surface Pro 3, the new Pixel C comes with an optional magnetic keyboard. Admittedly, Google has done an exceptional job with the keyboard that can be also attached to the back of the tablet when you do not need it.

Like other android devices, Pixel C supports the new USB Type-C that has multifunctional properties. It acts as the power connector, data extractor, and port for external displays. Marshmallow 6.0 with the USB Type C also provides a much more improved and faster charging and in addition it will allow you to charge other devices. With Marshmallow and the new USB type, Google is setting a new trend that will be initially challenging due to incompatibility with other devices but we trust that is the right step forward for the future as it is a much more improved system.

Considering its very high-end hardware that blazes 3GB of Ram and an octa-core CPU with four 64-bit ARM Cortex-A57 cores along with four high-end Cortex-A53 cores; you will literally be blown away by how it runs mobile games. It is after all powered by the NVIDIA Tegra X1, the most advanced mobile processor ever created by NVIDIA. The Tegra X1 also powers the NVIDIA Shield TV which delivers performance ”34x better than Apple TV.” This is certainly a powerful gaming device when we look at it from this point of view.

Finally, to put everything into perspective and in order to make your own conclusions, have a look at the table below that compares the technical and structural features of the Surface Pro 3 and Pixel C. For UK and European users, the prices for Pixel C are still to be announced by Google some time during November. While the Google Pixel C (32GB) is priced at $499, the Apple iPad Pro (32GB) is priced at $799; so the Google Pixel C definitely is a cheaper alternative for those considering a new tablet. (For the review of iPad Pro, please click here).

             Category Surface 3 Pixel C
Operating System Windows 10 Personal Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Screen Display 10.8-inch ClearType (1920×1280) 10.2-inch (2560×1800)
Pixels per inch 214 ppi 307 ppi
Weight 1.41 lb (641g) unknown
Processor Intel Quad Core Atom NVIDIA Tegra X1
GPU Intel Gen 8 Broadwell Graphics NVIDIA Maxwell GPU
RAM 2 or 4GB 3GB
Network Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Long Term Evolution, 4G (LTE) Optional No
Keyboard Optional, $129 Optional, $149
Keyboard light Yes Yes
Storage Capacity 64 or 128 GB 32 or 64GB
Expandable Storage Yes, micro SD No
USB Ports Full USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort USB Type-C
Stylus Optional, $49 No
Camera 3.5 MP FFC; 8.0 MP Rear Front and rear
Price $499, $599, $699 $499 or $599


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