Tales from the Borderlands: The Vault of the Traveler (Episode 5) – Coming October 20th

Finally, the season finale is upon us! Tales from the Borderlands: The Vault of the Traveler is going to reveal how this story ends. For the first time ever, Episode 1 of Tales from the Borderlands is now free, thanks to Telltale Games. So if you did not play this game before, now is your chance to go grab it and download it free of charge.

Episode 5 is set to be released on October 20th and we know that many of you can’t wait to see how it turns out for Rhys & Fiona, the main characters of the story. The title of the season finale got us curious and many Borderlands fans are speculating as to what will the Vault of the Traveler unveil. We already have an idea of what we might see but prefer to not spoil it for you, but we can tell you that if you watch the trailer you might get an idea.

Tales from the Borderlands is one of the funniest interactive stories that you will play, with great characters to love and an adventurous story to follow. You can check the trailer for the season finale of this game below.

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