Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Soft Launched

Two months ago, we wrote about the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, a game best known for its vast number of characters across the Star Wars universe; from Star Wars Trilogy to Star Wars Rebels & beyond. EA & Lucasfilm have soft launched this title in Australia now. Its unique combination of the collectible card game genre and the RPG-styled turn based experience has concocted an interesting title worthy of anticipation.

The overall gameplay has been compared to that of Dragon Soul and Heroes & Titans. Since it lacks a fast forward button, combat feels lengthy at best. You get to create teams with your favourite Star Wars characters with a great amount of upgrades; characters from the Light and Dark side will be available. Both sides can be combined in PvP mode and other challenges. Additionally, it features lovely cut scenes that will amaze any Star Wars fan.

Finally, being a freemium game, it isn’t very demanding when it comes to energy timers and you are given plenty of rewards through in-game progression and completing quests. You might experience minimal problems, which is natural since it is in soft launch, so let this not be a judgement criteria for the final product. Click here to get it from the Australian App Store if you are able to access it. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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