Cloud Chasers: A Journey of Hope – Out Now

From the dangers of nuclear warfare to the austerity of immigration, Blindflug Studios is a company that focuses on real world problems in the core of their games. Out now is their new game, Cloud Chasers: A Journey of Hope [$4.99], which takes you on a journey with Francisco & Amelia, through a series of hopeless deserts.

Finding themselves in a world of deserts the family will be forced to cross five fatal deserts to reach the gateway to the world above the clouds. The game is based on decison-making, resource management, and exploration. The inspiring thing about Blindflug Studios is that they try to tackle real world problems through their games; with First Strike they tried to address the danger of nuclear warfare. With the new Cloud Chasers: A Journey of Hope, immigration becomes the issue of discussion; mirroring the global movement of immigrants due to war and poverty.

Your mission in the game is to guide the small family as you encounter situations that require tough decisions. Survival will depend on water, and flying your glider into clouds allows you to collect water. Sadly, you will experience hardship due to the presence of drones in the clouds that will try to take control of the water and attack you mercilessly; and thirst eventually kills you. However, you don’t need water only to survive physically, but also to trade with it in different towns since it is the currency that each town uses.

Finally, the game’s fundamental idea is very interesting, especially that it focuses on a controversial topic like immigration. The game will keep you occupied because you will check it like a hawk to prevent water drainage from occurring. Cloud Chasers: A Journey of Hope definitely look premium with its vivid and gorgeous graphics while providing a control scheme that follows the standard touch-to-move system. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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