Fallout Shelter – Update 1.2 Brings Fallout 4 Character & More (Out Now)

Fallout Shelter [Free] was a game that was created as a marketing tool for the upcoming console title Fallout 4, which is planned to be released on November 10th, 2015. Little did Bethesda know that this simple yet fun mobile game will garner millions of fans and dollars – and such was the case. Fallout Shelter has received update 1.2 just yesterday, adding a lot of game changing content.

First of all, now they have added a new character, Piper, from the upcoming Fallout 4 title. What we know about Piper thus far is that she runs her own newspaper, Public Occurrences; and that she wears ”a red leather coat and an old-fashioned newsboy hat”.

Additionally, with the new update, cloud saving is now possible because many have been requesting this feature. One of the cool features added is the Survival Mode which brings about scary beasts for you to face and overcoming them grants you more glory. Also, you can now scavenge equipment from dead Raiders which is better than letting them go to waste.

Finally, the update adds the option to skip the tutorial, includes a statistics page (Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide) to give you a detailed view about your Vault, and many reported bugs were fixed. With this update comes an App Store exclusive offer consisting of free lunchboxes. We also noticed that Bethesda instituted a very low cap on Wasteland explorers (from 30+ changed to 10) which is not the best decision to make for the game, but we hope that they change this in future updates.

We first reviewed Fallout Shelter back in June and you can read our initial thoughts about it by clicking here. You can check the trailer for update 1.2 below.

3 thoughts on “Fallout Shelter – Update 1.2 Brings Fallout 4 Character & More (Out Now)

  1. I wish they had done the free lunchboxes for Android as well. I know this started out on the app store not play store, but now that it’s on both they shouldn’t make it so only app store gets extra lunchboxes. That’s just my opinion though.


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