WWE Immortals – The Coming of Johnny Cage

A crossover from Mortal Kombat X to WWE Immortals [Free] is not impossible. In fact, Netherrealm Studios announced that Johnny Cage will be joining the ranks of the WWE champions. The opposite may be possible, and we are likely to see WWE champions joining the ranks of the Mortal Kombat X fighters.

Tweeted by the Official Caster of the European MK ESL Pro League

An image on Twitter is asking ”Who’s Next?” to join the Mortal Kombat X fighters, and the image has a silhouette that looks similar to John Cena on the far right. Many are suggesting that this is proof enough of Cena’s crossover to Mortal Kombat X. However, now that Johnny Cage is available for WWE Immortals, you can get him by completing the Johnny Cage Challenge which ends on October 29th!
This is, without doubt, exciting as we get to see how both sides fair against the other. Johnny Cage certainly thinks that the WWE champs won’t stand a chance against him, just watch him brag in the trailer below.

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