Empire: Four Kingdoms – Review

When we first partnered with Goodgame Studios, the largest German employer in the gaming software industry with over 1200 employees, our aim was to understand better the astounding success that they have managed to reach. Their games are designed for mobile and web platforms, reaching over 280 million registered users across the globe. To put things into perspective, we wanted to take a look at one game that caught our attention in particular, Empire: Four Kingdoms [Free].

First released for PC (Web) in 2010, Empire: Four Kingdoms showed a lot of promise with its grand strategic base building, conventional approach to PvP matches, and its genuine Medieval theme. In 2013, it was made available for iOS & Android, thus garnering tens of millions of players more with its rapid growth.

As a 2D strategy title, you are given lordship in an unstable medieval era where your people are prone to attacks and economical downfalls. Your city needs to be built from rubble to recognition; balancing between military prowess, economical stability, citizens satisfaction, and successful warfare.

The game shines in many areas, such as grasping the traditional strategy experience that many hope to see in modern titles and offers an immersive real time combat in the PvP arena. The user interface is very simple to use, especially on mobile devices as the controls have proven to be smooth and responsive. Unlike many titles we have recently seen, Empire: Four Kingdoms does a marvelous job at allowing you to macro & micro manage your empire.

Of course, this is a Free-to-play game, and this is good for those that want to play it without paying any money. However, being a freemium game means that there are In-app purchases. Game progression is not immensely affected by its freemium model, and you are able to play without spending but it will take you longer time. Slow-paced progression can be an issue for those impatient, but those who are willing to engage in this game’s experience will find great pleasure in the social interaction that the online feature provides.

Whether you create alliances or form rivals, your people’s future lies in your hands. You are able to invite as many friends as you wish to join your empire. As allies, you can strategically plan on what outposts you want to capture and explore new continents to bring under your rule. With more than 50 unique military units, a plethora of customizable items, and over 60 different buildings; epic battles will take place in its versatile system.

Finally, whether you are looking for an endless game with tens of millions of players or a strategy-focused title where the devil is in the details, this game stands strong. For its tactical RTC approach, micro & macro management, entertaining social online experience, and constant developer support; Empire: Four Kingdoms rightfully lives up to its award winning title as ”The Best European Mobile Game of 2014.” This game has survived for over 4 years and is getting stronger with its compelling strategy, so there are definitely many positive aspects behind it. We also previously mentioned that game progression may be slow and might not appeal to those that seek instant action, but rather than judging a book by its cover, you can try it out and see for yourself – it is after all a free game. Empires are known to rise and fall, but can you build an empire that will last forever? You can check the official trailer for this game below.

Click here to download for iOS & Click here to download for Android. Click Link Below for Web version. 


We rate it 8.9/10

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