Modern Combat 5: Blackout – Halloween Update Brings Night Maps & Combat Changes

So now we know what Gameloft’s surprise has been all along! Modern Combat 5: Blackout will be receiving an interesting change in its dynamics, like never before. We previously speculated on the FullMoon Hashtag that they tweeted and suggested that a new map might be coming. Well, what is coming is a bit different than what we expected, yet not far from our suggestion.

Night maps will be making their way to Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Based on our understanding, they will not be entirely new maps but the same maps that the game had, just with a night sky covering the map. This is absolutely something new that we see in the Modern Combat series. In the history of this FPS, we have never seen normal day maps converted to night maps; so it will be quite a view to behold the full moon under a dark night sky.

Additionally, some changes and balances will be making their way to this update. The recon suit’s perk will display the recon player’s killer on the map for 30 seconds. And thankfully, helmets will no longer be necessary to complete a suit. Coming to weaponry, the E24, LGR, and Bosk 3 will undergo some balances; many changes which were requested for a long time now (especially for the overpowered LGR).

Finally, we hope you like the news that we delivered. The update is expected to be released within the upcoming days for Halloween. Stay tuned with our website for the latest information about Modern Combat 5: Blackout. You can watch the video for the upcoming update regarding night maps below.

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