Respawnables – Halloween Update (3.4.0) Brings Events, Weapons, & More!

Digital Legends Entertainment made sure that their wonderful Respawnables [Free] title does not miss out on Halloween. The game got a massive update (3.4.0) for Halloween that has rendered it a far more interesting experience. Respawnables is a fun shooter game that is loved by a diverse fan base and is still attracting many more by the day.

With the Halloween update, a four-chapter event called Halloween Haunt has been added where you get the chance to win prizes. Weaponry has not been forgotten from this update, The original Stake Launcher has been brought back to the game and can be obtained by completing the Rookies’ Fright chapter. Also, by completing the Explosive Horror chapter, you can obtain the Monstrous Double Barrel Shotgun, a Halloween-worthy skin along with its original standard weapon.

In addition, the Skeletal Scoped Assault Rifle skin and original weapon are here for the taking simply by completing the Monster’s Spook chapter. And by completing the Final Scare chapter you get to acquire the new Stig Riffle which will blow your enemies’ away (literally).

Halloween sets have been added such as the Warlock and Monster sets which can be unlocked by playing the new event. Of course, no Halloween is Halloween-ish without adding scary gadgets such as the Halloween Grenades and Explosive Candy. Interestingly, they have added the Headless Baron Kit, a bundle which includes a spooky Headless Baron suit and the triple barrel Aristocrat’s Shotgun. Another bundle added for $11.99 is the Halloween Weapon Collection  which includes the famous Haunted Guns, Toxic Guns, and the Dual Stake Launcher.

Finally, you get to roam the renovated Spookytown, the classic Sandtown which has now become cursed with a whole new Halloween theme. This is definitely a massive update when compared to other games that received Halloween additions. If you are new to this game, then you can check the official trailer for this game below.

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