Future Sense: A Time Travel Escapade – Out Now

Time Travel has always been a concept of interest to many people; to the extent that books were written about it, movies conceptualized it, and scientists discussed its possibility. Clearly, the team at Origin8 are sci-fi enthusiasts like most of us; thus deciding to bring to mobile their time travel title, Future Sense [$1.99]. From the makers of the Sentinel franchise comes an episodic adventure puzzle game that revolves around time travel. This title also contains stealth elements where you are required to be one step ahead of those after you.

The WarpTech is a time travel device that has given you disastrous capabilities and perhaps not everyone is satisfied with that. With the ability to time travel, you have to use your power to undo the anomaly that your actions have caused. It all sounds like an interesting concept that was not visited much by game developers on mobile.

We have to admit that this game has sparked our curiosity and caught our attention. Episode 1 is now available and it starts with you waking up in a strange room not knowing what is happening around you. You can watch the official trailer for this game below.

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