Game of Thrones: The Ice Dragon (Episode 6) by Telltale Games – Coming November 17th

Game of Thrones‘ Season Finale is upon us; hearts are pounding and minds are revolving. The same euphoria that swept the fans during the final episode of the prominent TV series is hitting us again. Telltale Games have announced the release date for Episode 6: The Ice Dragon which will be November 17th, for mobile and console. Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series is an episodic interactive game which mirrors the events occurring in the TV series from end of season 3 until start of season 5.

This final episode will define the legacy of the Forrester family and we hope it doesn’t go downhill like House Stark did. In the Game of Thrones universe, no one is safe from getting a head chopped off or having his entire family slaughtered; so we are very curious to see where it ends.

Finally, to honor the Season Finale, Telltale Games has released a cast interview video and made Episode 1: Iron From Ice available for free! Make sure to grab Episode 1 because this is one of the most beautiful stories ever told. And do not forget to watch the cast interview video, which includes famous characters from the show, below.

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