Modern Combat 5: Blackout – The Werewolf Update Is Now Available!

It seems that the Halloween update for Modern Combat 5: Blackout won’t haunt us any longer because it is out now! So what has Gameloft brought to us this time? Some of the things brought will definitely intrigue you but without having you wait any longer, let’s get right into things.

First of all, there are boosted events which allow you to use boosters in special multiplayer events for a more thrilling experience. Some of the interesting new boosts are invisibility, carpet bombings, damage and HP boosts. New camos and trinkets have made their way to this update such as the claws, squash, or witch hat. Of course, Halloween can only be complete with a Pumpkin mask.

You will encounter strange things as you play such as ghosts. Say what? Yes, ghosts! So hold onto your nerves and don’t go bonkers in the battlefield. The maps have been decorated with pumpkins, tombstones, and many spooky things. As for armors, now you can use the Praetorian mask to complete the new full Legion armor. Also, you might want to get the magnificent Hazard armor and you are one step ahead towards it if you have the Vaporizer mask.

A new Werewolf Event has been added and playing it once every month will allow you to unlock the Werewolf armor, one of the best to come to this game. With this new event, there is a new gameplay mechanic where you get to fill your blood thirst meter to unleash ravaging attacks. Finally, the default Recon armor ability will no longer drop a flash grenade upon death. As for weapons, the E24, LGR, and Bosk 3 have underwent through a balancing process.

Of course, all these magnificent updates will be unlocked progressively and not immediately. As for Night Maps, they are going to become available on October 26th as confirmed by Gameloft. So be patient warriors, and watch the video below to see the long awaited Night Maps!

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