Zombie Deathmatch: A Zombie Street Fighter – Out Now

The zombie fighting title by Reliance Games has now been released for iOS & Android. Zombie Deathmatch [Free] is a unique fighting experience that suits Halloween perfectly with its zombie gore and mutated creatures. Reliance Games are best known for their Real Steel series and Pacific Rim; games that have been very successful on mobile.

The theme of the game places you in the year 2036; where the rise of the zombies is attributed to the scientific malpractice of Geneticists. You happen to be an ”immune,” which literally means that you are immune to zombification; placing you as the only hope for humanity. With the chaos that overtook the world, a voodoo shaman named Papa Rainbow, has taken advantage of the situation and is utilizing the zombies for street fighting events.

Thus, this whole complex situation will leave you to build your best horde of Brutes, Maulers, and Stalkers. Fighting is not brainless and lifeless as you might imagine, but will require the strategy of having the right fighters with the right abilities. The whole experience looks very interesting as it is the first of its kind.

Interestingly, the game features a control system managed through a sophisticated one and two gesture moves. With fatal weapons, unique classes, game-changing upgrades, and bloody fights; the zombie fighting experience gives us a different taste in comparison to the regular titles that bring nothing new to the table. Additionally, there is the Undead Live Event with global leaderboards to test your skills against players worldwide.

Finally, the timing for this game’s release is perfect considering Halloween is just around the corner. We recommend that you try out this unique fighting game because we have never before seen a zombie fighting game like this. You can check the official trailer for this game below.

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