Afterpulse: A Next Generation Third Person Shooter – Out Now

The previously soft launched Afterpulse [Free] game is now out worldwide! The release date of this game has been one of the most trending topics amongst competitive gamers. Developed by Digital Legends Entertainment & published by Gamevil, Afterpulse comes from a phenomenal background with great amount of support. Digital Legends Entertainment are best known for their Respawnables game which has garnered millions of fans. And Gamevil is a company with over 14 years of experience and growing fruitfully in the mobile industry.

This new title is a next generation third person shooter that features a first-class Multiplayer experience that is designed for iOS & Android devices only. It combines elements from the Modern Combat series & Shadowgun franchise; both being the best known shooters on mobile. We have written a thorough review of Afterpulse before and if you wish to learn what the game delivers, then click here.

Finally, we highly recommend that you go grab this fascinating shooter and play in graphically enhanced maps, multiple fun modes, and with a plethora of diverse & customizable weapons. The game will require you to have iOS 9.0 or above, so if you didn’t upgrade you might want to consider doing it to get the game. You can check the official trailer for this game below.

4 thoughts on “Afterpulse: A Next Generation Third Person Shooter – Out Now

  1. I am kind of shocked there is no crouch or lay controls. I don’t want to squat and run the whole time. I am a sniper and would prefer to find a place to hide and lay down and take people out from the shadows. #justsayin


  2. Screw this game this is never gonna be released on android their not even announcing something for android for 2 years


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