Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – A Lesson in Humanity (Out Now)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons [$4.99], the beautiful console title by 505 Games that had us all excited is now out on mobile. If you recall, we mentioned that this game won the award for the Best XBOX Game of 2013; surpassing games like GTA V & Bioshock. In other words, this is a game unlike anything you have played before on your mobile device. With its first-class interactivity and emotional narrative, you will experience an adventure into the core of what makes us all human, something that technology seems to have taken from us.

The brothers, in fear of losing their dying father, embark on a parlous journey in search of the Tree of Life. Truly, a stellar title with an exquisite story that will make you live an adventure that is found only in fairy tales. This game was designed with an innovative control system where you get to control both brothers at the same time. To claim that this game has made a breakthrough in combining marvelous story-telling with the players interactivity is understating the facts.

In addition, this mobile version will feature extra additions such as: The director’s commentary, the soundtrack and a concept art gallery. The game is worth $14.99 on Steam and is only $4.99 for mobile devices, which is 67% cheaper in comparison. The price placed on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is cheaper than what this game’s value is, so we highly recommend getting it.

Finally, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will literally break your heart with its theatrically, compelling story and absorbing interactivity; two paramount factors that were the spearhead of securing it the Best XBOX Game of 2013. With all the incredible console titles making their way to the mobile platform, this one is at the top of our list. You can check the official trailer for this game below.

One thought on “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – A Lesson in Humanity (Out Now)

  1. I do not recommend this game for those that are fragile. It will leave you with a sad and empty feeling when you beat it. The puzzling is great but the story will make you want to cry your heart out.


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