Clash of Clans – November Update Announced at ClashCon (Town Hall 11, New Defense, & Mystery Unit)

It was, indeed, an amazing experience to watch the ClashCon event live from Helsinki, Finland. Among the awesome activities that we enjoyed, we got to hear of the anticipated November update and some of its content. We expect Clash of Clans to receive the upcoming update in early November and we will make sure to keep you informed about it. But what were the main things announced for the next update?

Three main things will be coming in the next update. Town Hall Level 11 will be available now since most professional players have already upgraded to Town Hall 10 and the company noticed that the game should get to the next level. Town Hall 11 is expected to be expensive for the majority of players, but what we can say for sure – it looks fabulous and ancient-ish!

Along with Town Hall 11, a new Defense has been included which looks like an eagle. Covering 4×4 tiles, the new Defense appears to be high on damage when attacking air and ground troops. Interestingly, it gets activated when a specific number of troops enter the battle.

Finally, on the Army page, a new mysterious hero is being teased which we know little about. This new unit definitely looks expensive though and we are looking forward to learn about this mystery figure. Also, with the new update maps will be increased to 44×44 in size which provides more space to build on. We sure enjoyed watching ClashCon and the news were teasing and pleasing, but to give you a better visual of what the update will include, then watch the video by the PlayClashofClans channel below.

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