Brothers In Arms 3: Sons of War – Update 1.4 Brings Tanks to the Equation!

Brothers In Arms 3: Sons of War [Free] has been doing fairly good under Gameloft’s guidance. Its a mash-up between Respawnables and the Blitz Brigade in a way, but nevertheless, has an identity of its own. To make the gameplay mechanics more interesting, Gameloft decided to add tanks in their latest update.

Warfare in Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War just got much heavier and more explosive. Of course, you can take this armored warfare to multiplayer and that is where it really gets exciting. So how does this all work? You can hop in a tank and use it to kill enemy soldiers and tanks, or you can face tanks as a foot soldier using ingenious tactics. The NOVA 3 experience comes to mind when we think of this new warfare style.

17 illustrious WW2 tanks have been added in this update, such as the Sherman, Panther, Tiger, and many more. Not only that, but a new desert map called Dust Bowl was added; specifically designed for Tank Warfare. Along with the tanks, a new Domination mode was added where you will need to fight hard to capture control points from the enemy.

Finally, you can now add friends to your list to get your team ready. Mobilize your team into foot soldiers & armored combatants, and fight to become the ultimate brothers. Click here to read our initial review of Brothers in Arms: Sons of War. You can watch the trailer for this new update below.

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