Asgard Run: An RPG – Endless Runner Fusion – Out Now

Some might argue that we have had enough of endless runners. ”They are all the same!” you might protest. But not Asgard Run [Free]. Developed by Amused Sloth & published by Ayopa Games, Asgard Run has stood out the moment we laid eyes on it. The game is now available worldwide.

In this runner title, you run on a rotating tube-like path with multiple places to veer to, as you avoid blocked pathways, obstacles, and collect items. But what grants it its RPG features? The game allows you to select from a wide variety of mythical heroes that are richly customizable and can be equipped with various types of weaponry. With these mighty weapons you will be engaging in epic high-speed running battles against the mythological enemies of Asgard.

Of course, the term Asgard comes from Norse Mythology and is one of the Nine Worlds that houses a tribe of gods & ruled by Odin. So to see this mythology incorporated into a runner game is vastly unique and differentiates it from the average runner titles.

Finally, this fantastic game will allow you to face up against skeletons, warlocks, and zombies while you attempt to avoid dangerous ruins, tricky traps, and falling meteors. You will be able to invite friends to join you in the battle against Helheim’s legion. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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