Minecraft: Story Mode – Assembly Required (Episode 2) Out Now

Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 2 has already been announced to be out this week by Telltale Games. The second episode is dubbed as Assembly Required, and Mojang believes that by today it should be available on all platforms in the North American region. If you don’t see it available for you then it will be available for all regions by Friday.

Episode 2 is expected to be one of the most divergent episodes ever made by the company. Now that you have made your choices in Episode 1, your path will form based on these decisions and therefore will bring about plenty of changes to different players.

There are a lot of tough choices that will decide how your story will proceed in Assembly Required. The people you chose to save or the persons you asked for guidance; it all will affect your story’s progression. That is after all the beauty of the game, that your decisions affect how your story will unfold.

Episode 2: Assembly Required will take you on an adventure with Jesse and his friends to explore the Redstone marvels and kingdoms of chaos to find Magnus and Ellegaard, two members of The Order of the Stone. It becomes a necessity to find these heroes to help stop the terrifying Wither Storm monster that is consuming everything in its way.

Finally, Episode 2 to 5 are available as In-app purchases for $14.99 which you can get from the Episodes section on the main menu. However, you can get Episode 2 by itself for $4.99 if you wish. Stay tuned with our website so we can inform you when Episode 2: Assembly Required is out worldwide. You can watch the trailer for Episode 2 below.

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