Sniper Fury: Gameloft’s New First Person Sniper – Coming Soon

The developers behind Modern Combat 5: Blackout & Blitz Brigade have released a trailer of a new sniper game, Sniper Fury. We are no strangers to Gameloft’s beautiful games and we acknowledge their grand contributions to the mobile gaming platform. They were a pioneer in releasing graphically superior games as well as in creating a competitive atmosphere among gamers. From what the trailer reveals, Sniper Fury seems to be a first person sniper experience; very similar to that of Hitman: Sniper. This is not necessarily a bad thing because we loved the latter title.

According to Gameloft, the game will pack the latest rendering based technology (like the one used for Modern Combat 5: Blackout). Sniper Fury‘s visual effects will definitely land it as one of the most gorgeous shooter games. The game will focus on deploying you in strategic vantage points so that you can eliminate enemies, protect allies, and survive waves of attacks. Interestingly, the game will feature Kill Cams where you can see your shot in epic slow motion. It will definitely be more vibrant and attractive than Hitman: Sniper, so we are excited for this upcoming sniper game.

The title is expected to have In-app purchases and is possibly a freemium game, although price was not confirmed. Some of the items available in the Sniper Fury‘s In-app store are quite tactical. The 5 x Spotter is a handheld device developed from secret bio-radar technology which identifies and localizes all enemies within firing radius. As for the 5 x Slow Time, it is a medical stimulant that was developed in Western Europe, specifically to enhance human movement speed and reaction which brings about the feeling that you are frozen in time. And the 5 x Piercing Bullet is a chemical-warhead rifle ammo that penetrates all armor types.

Finally, the game will have Elite Battle Packs, which are well known in the Modern Combat 5: Blackout title. You will probably receive credit through game progression to afford these packs, but they will also be available to purchase with real money as well. It is planned to be released for iOS, Android, & Windows devices. However, there is no solid release date yet but stay tuned with our website for the latest information. You can unlock extra exclusive gear upon release through the official website which you can visit by clicking here. You can watch the cinematic trailer for this game below.

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