Battle Supremacy: Evolution – A New Age of Warfare (Out Now)

Atypical Games can be safely described as one of the top 5 studios on mobile to bring titles that are clearly console quality. This is a company that is here to stay, and you can best predict this by looking at their previous titles such as Radiation Island and the Sky Gamblers franchise. Today, it brings to us Battle Supremacy: Evolution [$4.99] where it takes warfare to the future, instead of WW2 which was the main theme for the previous instalment, Battle Supremacy.

This sequel brings tanks and planes to a whole new level; incorporating fire lasers and advanced technology to fit its futuristic theme. With over 100 single player missions and a competitive multiplayer mode, you will enjoy another worthy game coming from Atypical Games. Online, you can battle against opponents and team up with friends in modes like Capture The Base and Team Deathmatch.

But what can we expect with this new title in terms of warfare? How about combating with sci-fi transforming vehicles? Make sure that you watch the trailer at the end of this page to see for yourself what these vehicles will be capable of in such a futuristic period.

Remember that this studio is mostly associated with its riveting game graphics, and Battle Supremacy: Evolution will carry no less allure in this department. You will find yourself roaming futuristic cities with lush landscapes and destructible environments. Some maps will include paradise-like environments and others will be the parallel of a post-apocalyptic world.

Finally, we have played this game and we highly recommend this beautiful title to anyone who is looking for console quality and competitive online games. You can check the official trailer for this game below.

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