Titanfall – Coming From Console To Mobile In 2016!

The title of this article took you by surprise, no doubt. Titanfall, the console game, coming to mobile? What is this all about? Here is the full story. Respawn Entertainment and Nexon have partnered to bring the Titanfall franchise to the mobile platform over several years, starting in 2016. Respawn Entertainment is the developer of Titanfall and Nexon is an unrivalled publishing network with rich Free-to-play experience; two qualities that mattered most for Respawn Entertainment to choose as a partner. So this might suggest that the upcoming Titanfall game on mobile will be a freemium game, but more will be confirmed in the future.

Titanfall is a first person shooter that has been praised for its competitive multiplayer experience. You act as a foot soldier ”pilot” that can jump into mechs known as Titans and engage against opponents in fast-paced epic battles. To best describe it, it’s a game that has Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo elements in it.

The two companies have invested in the new studio, Particle City, to act as the developer for the mobile Titanfall game. The Co-Founder of Respawn Entertainment has said that in their collaboration with Particle City, they will develop new standalone games with original gameplay that are based upon and expand on the Titanfall universe. This suggests that the upcoming games will have an original story and may play differently than what we are used to on console.

The upcoming Titanfall titles will be released for iOS & Android on both, Smartphones & Tablets. We are looking forward to play the first game of the franchise next year, in 2016. It has become very exciting to see console developers and games making their way to the mobile platform. Stay tuned with our website for more information about the Titanfall franchise. You can watch the launch trailer of the original Titanfall below.

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