Real Boxing 2: Creed – Coming Out November 19th!

We have been waiting for Real Boxing 2 for quite a while and the wait is soon to be over. Soon we will have the closest boxing experience for mobile within our grasp. However, there has been new information about the game. Now it has been renamed as Real Boxing 2: Creed based on the upcoming boxing movie, Creed – which will be initially released later this month. Real Boxing 2: Creed will put you in the shoes of Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed. In order to reach his full potential, he seeks out Rocky Balboa, his father’s late friend and former rival, to be his trainer.

In the game, Adonis will fight his way in the ring to live up to his father’s legacy. Of course, the game will feature no other than the famous Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa) which makes this boxing game even more worth playing. There will be a unique career mode where single player and multiplayer are synchronized. This means all your hard work will pay off wherever you choose to spend your time. Your character will be vastly unique due to the new character creation system which gives you a great amount of customization options.

As the screenshots very well demonstrate, the visuals are the by-product of the Unreal Engine 4 powerhouse. This translates into special effects during gameplay, such as seeing sweat and blood on the fighters. Another interesting detail that you will notice is missing teeth. So when you are facing your opponent, do make sure to cover that pretty face if you wish to smile properly again.

Finally, Real Boxing 2: Creed is expected to be released for iOS and Android on November 19th. It will be a Free-to-play game so whether you can afford it or not, you will have the chance to play it. And hey, if Rocky is rocking the game then it’s well worth it! You can check the announcement trailer for this game below.

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