Vainglory: The Big Payout Update (1.10) – New Skin, Guild Rewards, & More (Out Now)

At a time of exciting news regarding mobile gaming, we receive Vainglory‘s latest update (1.10) which touches on guild rewards, progression, skins, balances, and changes. We are very happy with Super Evil Megacorp’s management of Vainglory due to its constant updates and quick customer service. Let us look briefly at what this new update means to the players.

Starting with guilds, now when you play with your guildmates the guild level increases, awesome crests get unlocked, and end-of-season rewards grow. There is a new Rewards section added for you to view all season-end payouts. Also every time a guild completes its Fame XP bar, all the guild members will see the highest achieving players. With this new update guild leveling has become easier than before!

A new feature called Guild Heat has been added which tracks member activity and rewards members with bonus XP. Only one guild member is needed now to queue to earn guild Fame XP. Additionally, your guild type can be edited into open or invite only as well as your guild motto has become changeable.

Previously, people who wanted to change their nicknames had to contact Super Evil Megacorp. Not anymore! With this new update, you can change it from in-game profile options.

For the Celeste fans, this update brought a new Tier 1 skin called Star Queen Celeste. This new skin can be acquired with ICE from the Market or by collecting Celeste cards. Furthermore, now Phinn is available in the free hero rotation for the first time so you can try him out if you didn’t purchase him.

Finally, there has been bug fixes, item balances and hero balances for Celeste, Catherine, Taka, Petal, Koshka, Ringo, Vox, Rona, Glaive, Phinn, Fortress, Krul, Skaarf, and Joule. You can read the full details of the update by click here. Click here for more information on the next new hero, Blackfeather, that will be coming in the next update!

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