League of Legends – An Official Chat App Is In The Making

Before we start, if you haven’t heard of League of Legends, it is imperative that you learn about it. League of Legends is the biggest PC game in the world and the mother of all MOBA games. We have seen hundreds of MOBA titles come to mobile but they are all inspired by the success and splendor of this title. Today, we write about it because developer and publisher Riot Games has announced that it will be receiving a new chat app, League Friends, that can better help players stay in touch and organize matches.

While there are third-party apps that have been used by players before (such as LoL Connect), Riot Games plans to bring a far better experience on the social interaction of League of Legends players. Basically, with the League Friends app you can contact your friends any time to see if they are able to play a match with you. Also, organizing games has never been easier with the new app to notify you of every small team decision.

Finally, it has been suggested by Riot Games that voice chat may be coming in a future update to the app but not during the initial release. The League Friends app will be free to download for both, iOS and Android, and can be expected to be available in early 2016. In addition, features such as Parties and Clubs are planned to be available for the app in the future. While it is wonderful to have an official app to chat and organize for League of Legends matches, we are still hoping to see Riot Games port their legendary title to mobile. To learn more about League of Legends, watch the video below.


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