The Room 3 – Review

There is always this curious need in humans for the mysterious and paranormal to exist. It shapes our lives in religious & spiritual forms, and in many ways, scientific. This whole concept is very well integrated into the fabric of The Room 3 [$4.99]. No one would have assumed that it would be released on November 5th, 2015; yet its unexpected release is very welcome. The Room 3 is the much anticipated sequel to the BAFTA award winning title, The Room & the Best of 2013-14 awarded title, The Room 2. This magnificent franchise was developed by the perfectionist team from Fireproof Games, a freelance art team specializing in design and 3D environments.

The Room is best described as a 3D puzzle game that aims to enshroud the player with mystery and spine-tingling suspense. Without spoiling the story for the already released instalments, you will be trapped in a dark room with an enigmatic box. As you interact with the peculiar object you will uncover secret writings and symbols that will start to construct a story that is best represented as a product of madness and a novelty of genius. If you haven’t played the first and second instalments, then we highly recommend that you try them out.

Even behind this new psychosis-inducing title there is a story. There are a few terminologies in The Room 3 that you may perceive as strange if you did not play the previous two instalments. But let us try and give you a general background to keep you updated. The story starts with the finding of a research of an unnamed man about the mysterious fifth element called ‘The Null.’ The four elements we currently know are Fire, Air, Water, Earth; so delving into this new element makes the story more interesting.

In this new title, the story becomes much more detailed and interactive than in the previous games, and is not hard to understand since there are letters and writings that you discover within the game to help you interpret what is happening. An extra feature that makes the story more interesting is the possibility of alternate endings and the ability to choose a different fate each time.

Strangely enough, you start The Room 3 on a train travelling in between green pastures. You are able to swipe around to look outside from the windows of your private cabin. It felt peculiar to see such a beautiful view considering the game’s dark theme that was used in past instalments. However, something unexpected occurs when the train enters the tunnel as you see a glimpse of a mysterious man suddenly appearing before you and then vanishing. Then you continue to explore the objects within the cabin, and when you retrieve the engraved pyramid; black tentacles cover your windows and you find yourself in a dark room. We can clearly say that this epic beginning has left a very positive impression about the game.

What has made The Room 3 feel more like a natural thriller is the fact that you can enter other rooms after you unlock the doors and you are able to go back between current and previous rooms. In past instalments, you were limited to one room at a time, which was interesting, but now the game puts you before a plethora of mysteries on such a large scale – and we love it. Furthermore, the variety of environments increase upon an already meticulous world and with such expanded locations you feel like you have more to do and much to discover. With the new eyepiece ability, you can now explore the world of The Room 3 in miniature.

We are aware that some players get frustrated from puzzle games and so do we at times. But to be frank, The Room 3 has an impressive hint system which guides you to the solution through 3 hints that are gradually shared. This system is very well designed because it doesn’t sell out the the solution yet comes as an informative tool to help you find your way.

The background audio is very atmospheric, giving you this eerie feeling as if you are being watched. Soundtracks deliver a haunting theme and will creep you out if you have headphones on – which we highly recommend! The audio is very dynamic as it builds in your imagination a visually intricate image even if you are not looking, and this supplements the feeling that The Room 3 attempts to induce.

One of the best features about the game is its graphics. It has always been one of the primary selling points for The Room franchise, and we believe that the team at Fireproof Games have done an exquisite job in polishing the latest of the franchise. Beautiful cinematics and dark artwork make the mystery experience truly thrilling; a literal journey into the unknown. The first instalment introduced fascinating visuals to the mobile platform seen only in a few titles back then.

In The Room 3, we noticed improvement in graphics in comparison to the previous two titles in regards to the realism of the environments, the animation of human-object interaction, and the natural movement of things. The internal architecture expresses a blend of Medieval, Victorian, and Modern culture; which further portrays the rigorous design that this title has been subjected to.

The controls are right on point. You easily interact with objects and zoom into them by pinching in and moving back by pinching out. There is a multi-touch feature incorporated where you can move an object back with one finger and hold a different object with another, this means that the game can register more than one finger touch at the same time. Interacting with the objects and items felt very smooth and there was no problem whatsoever. Kudos to Fireproof Games for making such a complex game so playable on a touch screen device.

To conclude, we can best define The Room 3 as the perfect fusion between mystery and thriller on a level that no mobile game has ever reached yet. For its rigorous environmental design, breathtaking thriller-inducing experience, ideal human-object interactivity, and haunting background audio; The Room 3 fiercely stands as a worthy title of the Best Game of 2015! From hours of playing this game, we have not found a fault to complain about, it simply does everything it promises to do. We must reiterate that this is a mystery puzzle game and thinking will be needed, so if you are not a big fan of thinking then this might come up as an issue; apart from that, this game is the best puzzle game there is on mobile and there is no competition that rivals it as of now. Now you can delve into the exciting, beautiful world of The Room 3 where otherworldly mysteries await you there. You can check the official trailer for this game below.

We rate it 10/10

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