Vainglory’s Next Hero – Blackfeather, The Charming Assassin

There has been discussion of a new hero coming to town by the name of Blackfeather. The heroes of Vainglory are growing and the game is getting more and more interesting. So who is this, Blackfeather? Do you remember that image of Phinn which shows Phinn holding onto a chain and a strange man with a rose in his mouth is holding onto Phinn’s tail? It appears that our mystery man, Blackfeather, is a travel companion of Phinn. It is very likely that we will be seeing this new hero in update 1.11 but this has not been confirmed yet because he is still being tested.

From what we know about him, Blackfeather seems to be quite the ladies man. Let us take a look at his perks:

  • Heartthrob – Blackfeather’s hero perk applies Heartthrob stacks to enemies. He deals crystal damage for each stack of this perk that is on target. Instead of Energy, he uses Focus for his abilities. It is capped at 100 and regenerates naturally while recovering an additional 10 Focus for every basic attack he lands.
  • Feint of Heart – With this perk, Blackfeather lunges to his target and deals an increasing attack damage (+60 crystal power). For the following 4 seconds, a rose trail is left behind the attacked target exposing his location and increasing the speed of Blackfeather and allies as they follow the enemy. Any slow attack done on Blackfeather or allies will be removed as they move along the trail of roses. Also, if the target is killed within 0.5 seconds after being attacked then this perk’s cooldown is reset.
  • On Point – This powerful attack pierces all enemies in a line, causing damage and decaying slow for 1 second. And with each stack of Heartthrob on the target, the duration of this slow increases by 0.3 seconds. If one enemy hero is hit by it, Blackfeather gains a barrier that scales with 15% of his bonus health, thus recovering 35 Focus. The amount of Focus recovered can be further increased with 2% of his Max Energy and 50% of his energy regeneration.
  • Rose Offensive – The last and strongest perk allows Blackfeather to cut through his enemies, landing basic attacks on all enemies along his path. While he is dashing, he becomes immune to any negative effects performed on him and takes extremely reduced damage.

Finally, we see that our upcoming hero can be played as a weapon assassin or as a crystal warrior. If the player decides to put more emphasis on weapon-power items, then taking down heavy armored targets like Phinn and Glaive becomes easy. But if the player chooses to build crystal power with defense and utility items, then it would allow Blackfeather to have advantage at the start of the game. With more blue builds, you will be able to grant allies more movement speed to chase after targets after they have been hit by Blackfeather. Luckily, this hero can improvise with whatever smart build you go with as it will all depend on how you use him. You can see Blackfeather and Phinn together in the picture provided below.

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