Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade – Soft Launched In Singapore! (Gameplay Included)

Do you remember the futuristic Warhammer game that was demonstrated at the Apple event for the new A9 chip? We have great news for you! Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade has now soft launched in Singapore as a free title. We have been keeping our eyes on this game for a very long time because it has one of the most mental graphics we have ever seen on a mobile game. We wrote about this game when it was first announced and you can click here to read our initial impression about it.

You might think that the Warhammer franchise has been used and abused with the recent influx of Warhammer games, but we assure you that this title is unique and original in everything that it stands for. In this game you play as a young Imperial Knight who wants to avenge his destroyed noble house and stand against the forces of Chaos. The game’s story will play across 40 single player missions where you get to roam the world of Tarnis and fight your way against the evil invaders. In addition, there will be Multiplayer, of course, but will be fully available in the official release because they are testing and perfecting it at the moment.

You will love the visuals on this game as it uses the latest graphics technology to render for you true console quality gaming. Pixel Toys recommends these devices or later in order to play this game: iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad Mini 2 or iPod Touch 6th Generation. Naturally, more devices will be added upon worldwide release as they working on it. Click here to download the game from the Singapore App Store if you have a username there. If you cannot get the game, then stay tuned with our website and we will inform you the moment it is globally released. You can watch the official trailer and a 12 minutes gameplay for this game below.

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