Hearthstone: The League of Explorers Adventure – Coming November 12th

It seems that Hearthstone is constantly in the spotlight with its new updates and additions. To make that even better, Blizzard has just announced A Hearthstone Adventure: The League of Explorers, a new single-player adventure, which will be coming Thursday, November 12th. This adventure has an Indian Jones / Lara Croft styled theme. It consists of Warcraft locations as well as new ones that are being added. With new bosses, complex traps, untold mysteries, and an original Warcraft adventure; next week will surely be exciting.

Four wing packs will be available: Hall of Explorers, Stranglethorn Jungle, Temple of Orsis, and Uldaman. New cards are rewarded for every successful boss fight. With pre-built decks, you will have to improvise to overcome bosses in nine class challenges. New and cool looking game boards will be available and this will be a fresh update to the game. In addition, a new mechanic mode named ”Discover” will be an interesting addition. With Discover, you will be presented with a hand of three random yet conditional cards and you get to choose the one that you need most.

Furthermore, you get to befriend memorable characters such as dwarven historian Brann Bronzebeard, Elise Starseeker, Reno Jackson, and others. 45 new cards are being introduced with this new expansion and you need to defeat only a few bosses in order to obtain them. Here are some of the new cards that you can check below.

Finally, this expansion can be purchased fully for $19.99, but each location will cost for 700 gold or $6.99. Seeing Hearthstone receiving great attention from Blizzard is always a good thing. Stay tuned with our website for more information about this game. You can watch the cinematic trailer for The League of Explorers below.

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