Activision Blizzard Studios – Creation of Skylanders TV Show & Call of Duty Movie

Activision Blizzard Inc. is entering the film industry with its new studio to bring titles such as Skylanders and Call of Duty to the screens and theaters. Being the world’s fifth largest video game maker in terms of sales, it expects more than 150 million devout players to watch its movie releases.

As for its first production, Activision Blizzard announced its animated TV series based on the Skylanders franchise, called Skylanders Academy. This title alone profited the company by $3 billion and looks very promising on TV screens. The series will feature famous voice actors such as: Justin Long from Alvin and the Chipmunks; Ashley Tisdale from Phineas and Ferb; Jonathan Banks from Breaking Bad; and Norm Macdonald from Saturday Night Live.

Furthermore, the company added that there will be movies based on the beloved Call of Duty franchise, the most popular first person shooter series on console; and the first film can be expected to be out around the year 2018.

These are certainly ambitious steps for Activision Blizzard which has recently acquired King Digital Entertainment (the company behind the Candy Crush series) for $5.9 Billion. We believe that both, Skylanders and Call of Duty would be very positively received by gamers; mainly because this is an interesting bridge being built between the world of film and gaming. Although, most games of today have plots and cinematics enough to match that of a film and sometimes go beyond what a film can deliver. However, we remain interested to see what Activision Blizzard has in store for us. To see a sample of their movie-making skills, you can watch the trailer for their latest game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, below.

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