Call of Duty: Heroes – The Black Ops 3 Update (2.0)

This month was a big one for the Call of Duty franchise with the release of the third instalment of the Black Ops series. In celebration of the release, the mobile Call of Duty: Heroes received a special update (2.0). The cool thing about this update is that we got heroes, units, environments, and killstreaks from the new Black Ops 3 game into the mobile title.

The Black Ops 3 heroes that are now available are 2 new specialists called Reaper and Outrider. Additionally, new mech units were added by the name of Siege Bots. With the 2 new environments, you can customize your base by unlocking Singapore ruins and Cairo battlegrounds. And finally, powerful killstreaks were added such as Lightning Strike, Scythe, Sparrow, and G.I. Unit.

Seeing features from the new console Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 come to Call of Duty: Heroes that fast is certainly impressive and worth checking out. Although, CoD: Heroes is very similar to Clash of Clans in its mechanics, its Call of Duty theme proved very attractive to fans of the famous franchise. You can check the launch trailer for Call of Duty: Heroes below.

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