Dark Star: A Unique Colorful Space Shooter – Coming November 19th

You have probably got tired of space shooter games because it’s hard to find a game that gives you a unique experience. That Wonderful Lemon (and yes that’s the developer’s name) thought that space shooters can still be attractive to mobile gamers and embarked on a project called Dark Star. It is most certainly not your average dull shooter game, but a colourfully engaging take on the old school shooter genre.

In a universe featuring enhanced 3D graphics and special effects, you find yourself shooting enemy ships, clearing space obstacles, and tactically fighting giant battle cruisers. All this action will take place in 60 frames per second! The developers seem to be extremely excited about their game and vow to constantly update it with more worlds, ships and objects. This is definitely the type of excitement we would want from developers.

Finally, Dark Star seems like a worthy game of its genre, due to the vivid graphics and engaging gameplay that it boasts. Truly, we haven’t seen a game like this for the space shooter genre for such a long time and we will grab it the moment it’s out on the App Store on November 19th. Why don’t you judge for yourself how remarkable Dark Star looks and watch the release date trailer for this game below.

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