Star Wars Battlefront Companion: EA’s Complementary App – Out Now

The Star Wars fans are excitedly awaiting the launch of Star Wars Battlefront this November 17th. In order to comfort this impatient waiting, EA has just released Star Wars Battlefront Companion [Free], a companion app to connect you with friends and allow you to track your game’s career, as well as to play Base Command – a card game available within the app.

With this new app, you can earn in-game credits to unlock Star Cards and more features in Star Wars Battlefront. Additionally, you can easily check stats and progression, customize appearance, connect with friends, and get a notification when your friends play the game. The app provides detailed report on your performance which can make you better understand why your performance was good or bad.

Finally, Star Wars Battlefront Companion is fun to get if you want to play Base Command which allows you to defend the Rebels from the Empire. Various Star Wars Battlefront features are provided for you to utilize such as vehicles, weaponry, and power ups. The cards that you play with include A-Wings, Rebel Soldiers, T-47 Airspeeders, and more. The first 8 Sieges are available for you to play this week, and on November 17th, all 50 Sieges will become available. You can watch the live action trailer for Star Wars Battlefront below.

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