Lost Horizon: The PC Adventure Comes To Mobile – Out Now

The PC adventure game, Lost Horizon, which was released in 2010 is out now for iOS. As for Android, it will come shortly after, although no date was announced yet. Lost Horizon [$5.99] was developed by Animation Arts and published by Deep Silver (publisher of the Dead Island and Homefront titles). So this released game is certainly something big if you decide to grab it from the App Store.

The story behind the game takes place in 1936, a time when the soldiers of the Third Reich are seeking out occult weapons from every corner of the Earth for their crazy plans to take over the globe. You play as Fenton Paddock, a former British soldier turned smuggler, goes on a search for a missing friend called Richard, who went missing in Tibet. During the search, you discover a secret that will change the world.

The game is very similar to an Indiana Jones adventure which we haven’t seen lately of on the mobile platform. Lost Horizon features many unique features that make it stand out:

  • Unique handmade graphic style
  • Exotic settings you’ve never seen before
  • Movie-like story by novelist Claudia Kern
  • Both realistic and funny dialogues
  • Excellent technical appearance and minimal system requirements
  • Fast-paced presentation of the exciting story in movie style
  • Innovative puzzle design, always fair and logical

Finally, a classic adventure that takes place in different parts of the world while being chased by Nazis certainly sounds thrilling and worth playing. When it was released on PC it got a moderately high score by reviewers and was very well enjoyed by players. On Steam, it is priced $9.99 while on mobile it is only $5.99; which is a great deal! So go grab it if you are interested in Lost Horizon. You can watch the official trailer for Lost Horizon below.

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