Clash of Clans – Town Hall 11 Update News & Upcoming Sneak Peek!

Since ClashCon, we have all been curious about many things that were announced and speculated on. Today, however, we got more news that will make you even more excited. We now know that the release date for Town Hall 11 update is most likely in early December. It seems like the perfect early Christmas present, no?

Furthermore, changes will touch many features of the game, such as Session Timers, Personal Break, Shields, Village Guard, League Bonuses, Multiplayer Matchmaking, and Trophy Assessment. Certainly sounds like a lot of changes but they have been addressed by Supercell due to the many complaints reported by players.

Although the update has been prolonged due to the many bugs that Supercell is trying to fix, they have announced a schedule for a 2 week sneak peek that will start on November 23rd. The update’s content of interest will be:

  • Shields: Part 1 – Attacking & Defending
  • Shields: Part 2 – The Village Guard & Personal Breaks
  • Matchmaking, Trophy Offers, & League Bonuses
  • More sneak peeks on upcoming update
  • News on Town Hall 11, New Defense, & New Hero

As we know, in addition to the Town Hall 11, there will be a new defense and a new hero. It is speculated that the new hero will join the Barbarian King & Archer Queen. It seems like this new hero is a mage because of the apparent staff that he is holding. As for the new defense, it strangely looks like an eagle – not that we are complaining. Covering 4×4 tiles, the new defense appears to be high on damage when attacking air and ground troops. Interestingly, it gets activated when a specific number of troops enter the battle.

Finally, in the upcoming update loot sharing will become possible and you will be able to donate your loot with the gamers of your choice. Also, the size of the map will be increased to 44×44 in size which provides more space to build on and a wider battlefield to fight on. Stay tuned with our website for more information on the upcoming Clash of Clans update.


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