Implosion: Zero Day – Rayark’s New Animated Movie

Truly, one of our most beloved games that we reviewed was Implosion – Never Lose Hope [$9.99], a title that even most console games cannot rival. You can click here to read the full review of the game. What brought a smile to our faces today is learning that Rayark is working on an animated movie about Implosion, which will be prequel to the events recorded in the game. The Implosion universe is an interesting one but is not fully explained in the mobile game; a vital aspect that the movie aims to achieve.

In the year 2169, the Earth’s population reaches beyond sustainability; Geopolitical tensions have increased over thorium-rich deposits, Pollution and Global Warming have rendered natural and renewable energy sources obsolete; and in the face of these apocalyptic repercussions, mankind looks to the heavens for hope. 9 years later, humans explore Quantum Drive Technology in order to find a new Earth that can sustain life. However, it appears that the tests done with this new technology has attracted an unknown enemy to planet Earth.

With three nations remaining on Earth, hope became more distant than it ever was. The conventional weapons used by humans has been ineffective in fighting the new enemy. In the face of these challenges, the Warmech Battle Suit program has been put in place in order to enhance the way humans fight. Yet in 2180, Earth falls and the survivors of the three nations escape to space as their last resort. With humans being alone in space, their chances for survival stands at 0.02% and with an evolving enemy on their tail, things become more and more gloomy.

This is just an introduction to the story which explains your presence in space in the game. The movie will expand the Implosion story and tell us more information that will seal the gaps found in the game. Rayark will begin a Kickstarter campaign in December for those who wish to support them in the creation of this ambitious project, which we will certainly be a part of. Finally, you can check the trailer for Implosion: Zero Day below.

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