MARVEL Contest of Champions – Featuring Netflix Heroes, The Daredevil & Jessica Jones

Netflix heroes, Daredevil & Jessica Jones, have gloriously made their way to MARVEL Contest of Champions [Free]. Just recently we wrote an article about MARVEL Future Fight receiving these two characters as well. The updates on both, however, differ. This time, MARVEL Contest of Champions received a new six-chapter story quest that features Jessica Jones (Based on the new Jessica Jones TV series) and the Daredevil which is also a TV series on Netflix.

Although we find the normal Daredevil from the comic books in the game, the new Daredevil is different and is based on the TV series. There will also be a level based on Hell’s Kitchen which is the setting of the Daredevil show. You can acquire the Daredevil by winning the current Arena Battles or through the limited-time Sensory Crystal found in the Crystal Vault by gaining a special 5 star Devil’s Crystal. Furthermore, Beginner, Normal, and Heroic difficulty levels are available in the Jessica Jones Contamination event.

Finally, we are glad to see crossover from the TV series onto mobile games. This very much allows us to participate in the action of our favourite super heroes. You can watch the new TV commercial for MARVEL Contest of Champions below.

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