Metro 2033: Wars – Based On Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Novel, ”Metro 2033” (Soft Launched)

One of the greatest post-apocalyptic novels and one of my personal favorites would be Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky. I read the best-selling book back in 2010 on a dark and rainy day where it took me on a thrilling adventure to a Moscow Metro inhabited by survivors of a devastating nuclear war. The compelling story evokes every atom in you installing fear, curiosity, thrill, and interest. The novel was developed into a game by the same name which was very positively received. The video game even got a sequel due to its clear success by the name of Metro: Last Light. One would never guess that the mobile platform would get a Metro game, but it has, thanks to Tapstar Interactive Inc.

Metro 2033: Wars [$7.99] is a mobile turn-based strategy game with open-world elements that’s based on Glukhovsky’s Metro 2033 novel. Following the nuclear blast, the Earth’s surface has become uninhabitable for humans and survivors now live in underground metros which have become city-states, housing different factions – each with a religion and culture. What lurks on the surface is a new life form that has mutated from what was once natural. Your role in the game focuses on gathering resources needed for exploring and taking over new metro stations, surviving the unprecedented situation humanity is in, and defending against vicious mutants.

Facilities and diplomatic relations can be built by you to ensure the survival of your people. The story-driven game consists of 189 metro stations which you can inhabit, trade with, or battle against. There are 25 types of mercenaries, each with different abilities and 24 unique factions to befriend or battle. Resources can be managed with 20 different types of buildings that you can choose from.

Finally, it is mind-blowing to see a famous title like Metro 2033 make its way to mobile. Perhaps it is not similar to the console game but it still captures the essence of Metro 2033. The game is already released on Google Play for those with Android devices, but it is not officially released on the App Store yet. However, it is soft launched in New Zealand for the moment. It’s strange that it hasn’t been released worldwide yet, but we believe it should be out very soon. You can watch the gameplay trailer for this game below.

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