Clash of Clans – Town Hall 11 Update & Vital Changes To The Shield System! (Part #1)

All of you are probably curious about the big changes happening to Clash of Clans in the upcoming update. So what is awaiting the clashers in Town Hall 11 update, the biggest update in the history of the 3 year old game? If you remember, our last article mentioned that there is a 2 week sneak peek schedule planned to start on November 23rd to explain the content of Town Hall 11 update:

  • Shields: Part 1 – Attacking & Defending
  • Shields: Part 2 – The Village Guard & Personal Breaks
  • Matchmaking, Trophy Offers, & League Bonuses
  • More sneak peeks on upcoming update
  • News on Town Hall 11, New Defense, & New Hero

As you well know, today is November 23rd and our first topic is Shields: Attacking & Defending. What we are going to tell you now is confirmed information posted on the Supercell forum by Anoushka. Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears that after the update takes effect, when your town hall is destroyed, you will no longer be provided with a Shield. This big change will force clashers to find a new defense strategy to employ for their bases because previous clashers used to place their town hall outside of their defenses so that if they get owned, the Shield is activated and their loot is protected.

Another major change after the update is that you no longer get shielded based on stars won, but instead you get it on how much damage is done. When 30% of your base is destroyed, you get a 12 hour Shield; when 60% of your base is destroyed, you get a 14 hour Shield; and when 90% of your base is destroyed, you get a 16 hour Shield. Furthermore, no Shield is given to you if the attacker does not deploy more than 50% of his full army!

And yet another big change to the Shield system is that when you are attacking while shielded, it will no longer break your Shield but will reduce Shield time only. So if you attack a base while being under a 12 hour Shield, your Shield will decrease from 12 hours to 9 hours. If you attack again, 4 hours will be deducted from your Shield, and the third attack will deduct 5 hours from your Shield, etc… In addition, searching for bases while shielded will no longer break your Shield.

Finally, this certainly sounds like a giant change to the Shield system as we know it. Now it is time to think of our base-building tactics and our approach to protecting our bases and loot. It has become clear that what Supercell is trying to achieve with this massive update is a change to how we once understood Clash of Clans. Are you ready for the next update? Stay tuned with our website to learn more on the Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 update. To those who are wondering about the update’s release date, it is expected to be released in early December.


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