Light Apprentice: Volume 1 – An Interactive Comic RPG (Coming November 26th)

When was the last time that you played a game that looked and felt like a comic book? Probably never. Nevertheless, we are going to discuss Light Apprentice [$2.99] which has already been released, but only with one episode so far. For over a year it got no more episodes whatsoever and it disappointed fans that were hoping for more. Just recently, Bulkypix & Amazu Media have announced that they will release Light Apprentice: Volume 1 this very week. The app will pack 4 episodes, including Episode 1 which was already on the App Store. So if you paid for the game that’s available on the App Store now, then you will be disappointed to know that you will have to pay again for episode 1 which will come with the 3 new episodes.

The game is very beautiful and literally feels like you are reading a comic book. The story is about saving the world of Ethenia from the Yhrosian Empire. You walk in the shoes of Nate, the Light Apprentice, who embarks on an adventurous journey to stop the evil plans of the empire. Following a 300 years of sleep, Nate awakes to discover his planet engaged in a fatal war that has damaged the environment.

Similar to Telltale titles, you will be making choices throughout the story and the actions will unfold in a comic book style. You are able to customize and evolve your characters as well as make friends and fight enemies. It certainly is a unique experience as we have never seen such a perfect blend of comic book artwork, game-changing choices, and turn-based RPG combat.

Finally, we can tell you that based on the first episode which we played, the game looks and feels wonderful. And we have no issue with paying again to receive all 4 episodes. Most of you probably did not pay for the available game on the App Store, so this will not be an issue for you. But for those who already paid, consider that even though you are paying for Episode 1 again, you are getting 3 more episodes on top of it. Although Light Apprentice is available on the App Store right now, the Light Apprentice: Volume 1 will come out as a separate app, so don’t purchase it unless it comes out under the name of Light Apprentice: Volume 1. The game is expected to come out on November 26th and just to give you a glimpse of how unique it is, check the official trailer below.

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