Crimbo: A Creepy Christmas Version of Limbo – Coming Early December

And if you thought Limbo [$4.99] was a dark puzzle platformer game, then wait until you know about Crimbo. Crimbo comes across as an offshoot of Limbo, judging by its silhouetted design and somber world that it presents. But to understand a game better, one must understand the developers first. Having researched Digi-Chain Games Studio, we found that the British company is largely invested in horror and mystery games for PC & Mobile. The developers come from a background in animation and television production and aim for innovative projects. Let’s be honest here, a Limbo-styled game that is Christmas themed is definitely something new and unthinkable.

Although Crimbo is a different title from Limbo, it is not in any way easier to play. You will be largely met with deadly traps and unseen fatalities. It will have 12 fun levels to enjoy upon release, so brace yourselves in early December for it to be released as a free game. In a way, Crimbo is more fun than dark and it is this underlying theme that the developer is trying to express. How can it not be fun when you play as an old Santa Clause that likes skiing on ice, right? You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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