2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour – A Prize Pool of One Million Dollars is Waiting You!

It’s truly remarkable where gaming has gone in the last few years, especially that all the goodies such as eSports, have reached the mobile platform. If you haven’t heard, the 2016 Hearthstone World Championship has been announced where 16 worthy players from all around the world will be selected to duel in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft [Free]. Although your victory will bring you glory with the title of World Champion, there is a much bigger prize that is being offered – a share of a one million dollar prize pool! As you can imagine, this tournament will be huge and is preceded by many months of Ranked play tournaments to secure a place in one of the Season Championships.

The money prize for the Hearthstone World Championship has dramatically increased from quarter of a million to $1 million along with a $100,000 prize pool for each of the nine Season Championships across the Americas, Europe, & Asia-Pacific. The first event of the 2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour takes place at DreamHack Winter 2015 from November 26 to 29. You can still be eligible to earn points through Ranked Play starting December in order to get a chance at the World Championship at the end of the year.

There will be four tournaments held this year: 3 Season Championships and the regional Last Call Invitational. These tournaments will determine the lucky players that will be going to BlizzCon. Invited players will no longer have immediate byes and those who have spots reserved will start in the same round as all open players to ensure that everyone has a fair start.

With more onsite events with multiple Fireside Gatherings which will be the platform for the Season Preliminaries leading into the Season Championships, more opportunities become available for you to attend a local event to compete or support live instead of via Twitch. In addition, considering that the Last Call Invitational qualifies you based on total accumulated points, it opens a chance for more players to join the World Championship any time. Additionally, point distribution has underwent changes and rebalancing, giving top placing players any given event fewer points than lower placing players. This further provides points to all players that achieve the Legend Rank in an eligible season for Ranked Play.

Finally, we expect to see a new structure for this year’s tournaments with an improved and flexible match format. This change has been made to address complaints by players and fans about some boring matches that have taken place the previous year. So Blizzard will improve this upcoming Championship Season’s format and ensure that the events will be more exciting. It seems that we are in for a thrilling ride with the upcoming 2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour. If any of our readers happens to be a professional player that is participating in this global event, then contact us and we will endorse you all the way! You can watch the Hearthstone World Championship 2015 Intro video below.

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