Episode 11 – An Interview with the Co-Founder of Super Weapon

This week we were very lucky to sit down with the Co-Founder of Super Weapon Games, the company behind the raiding strategy game, Dawn of Steel. Our guest was Amer Ajami, who is one of the co-founders of the company. The legendary team working at Super Weapon Games has worked at EA & Zynga in the past and are the very ones that worked on Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth and Command & Conquer: Generals, one of the best PC strategy games of all time. In this interview Amer tells us all about Dawn of Steel and how it came to be. We also had the opportunity to talk to Jason Torres, Design Specialist, about the artwork of the game. Truly, it was very informative to know more about the team that worked on great titles and how they are putting their skills into mobile gaming. We hope you enjoy what they had to say about Dawn of Steel and its genesis and where is mobile gaming heading from their professional perspective.

Huge thanks to our special guests Amer & J. T.  from Super Weapon Games for joining us as well as to our wonderful listeners who have been supportive, cooperative, and patient with us. Please click here to subscribe and rate us on iTunes & follow and like us on Mobcrush.

Want to get ahold of Amer & J. T. across the web?


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